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Other Works By Connie Leah Fantilanan

Artist Profile

Connie Leah Fantilanan

Connie Leah Fantilanan

Connie Leah Fantilanan – Jalem or “Connie Leah” as her artist name is the eldest among three daughters born to Hector and Virginia Fantilanan on November 8, 1981, in Roxas City, Capiz.  Married to Sherwin Jalem, they are blessed with two sons, Wilhelm Hector and Lucas Matthew. 

Connie Leah is a self-taught artist venturing various techniques and approaches in painting, inclined deeply into impasto-impressionism style. Her artworks are mostly heavily and thickly textured while using acrylic or oil as her favorite medium. Her frequent subjects are nature and women in action. 

Her interest in art was evident since childhood using notebooks and pen as her means to express her imagination and emotions through doodles and drawing. At nine years old, she got her first watercolor and since sparked her dream to become a known and reputable artist in the future. Circumstances did not favor her intention to study Fine Arts in college, but continued painting and sketching as her past time and hobby. 

She joined in Airline industry after graduation on the year of 2003, she set her dream aside for a significant period to focus on her career. But as the saying goes, “once an artist, always an artist”. In 2014, she decided to return to art, taking console in painting as her diversion to maintain her life-work balance as she juggles her career leading a station in airline services, being a wife and a mother. Art has since become her source of motivation and inspiration. 

Fueled with passion, Connie Leah continued her art journey, taking inspiration from the works of Van Gogh and Monet. Her artworks eventually caught interest and support from family and friends, and sold some of her pieces. 

Gradually gaining confidence in bringing her art to the public, she debuted in an exhibit entitled “Fusion”, teaming up with her former college professor on July 2015 held in Roxas City, Capiz, and was eventually followed by another exhibit, “Fusion 2” on 2017. 

While her job prompts her to transfer from one place to another, her determination to pursue her venture in art gave her another chance to take part in an art exhibition in Davao City in May 2018 entitled “Ugnayan”. 

At present, Connie Leah actively participates in online exhibits and has already marked her personal style, conveying messages of hope, courage, faith, and a sense of positivity.

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