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Other Works By Francis Alingcayon

Artist Profile

Francis Alingcayon

Francis Alingcayon

In 2017 he started as a personal assistant apprentice of Mr. Art Lozano a well-known artist and silent environmental activist.

By working as an apprentice doing all the necessary works from cleaning the studio, stretching and priming the canvas, up to carrying heavy paintings and other stuff to be delivered at the various galleries in Manila without any salary but doing all of this voluntarily in exchange for any learning and experience that holds a deep significance which is very useful for his journey as an artist. Being a young apprentice to Art Lozano influence him to develop a hardworking artist routine that pushes him to develop a style. By patience and persistence of continuing to make different kinds of concepts imitating the patterns and forms that he observed from his environment and adapting certain behavior that he gets from his society he then learns to manifest those things to his artworks. Francis's artworks were deeply rooted in the story of every individual undergoing mental torment as a social phenomenon that is being experienced by any individuals unable to fit inside the norm of a society facing alienation day by day. By observations, he wants to paint varieties of social emotions portraying it through his creative expression of Colors. To him, his artwork does not only talk about people with cognitive impairment but wants to address it to also to all individuals to let them dig more about inside their own self connecting them to their own being. Because his aim was to create a different dimension –mirroring the subconscious of society. Transmitting ideas that might draw people into a different kind of world to help them realize who they are in their own world.

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