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Other Works By Heidy Bondoc Macabenta

Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Heidy Bondoc Macabenta Painter

Heidy Bondoc Macabenta

Heidy Bondoc Macabenta (b. 1980, Philippines) is a Filipina painter. In her recent exhibitions, Heidy has produced highly immersive works characterized mostly by her culturally and emotionally charged abstracted portraits imbued with a stunningly original steampunk-cum-art nouveau contemporary vibe.


She is an enigmatic force of natural talent. Heidy’s grandfather, Edilberto G. Bondoc, was a painter who made his mark painting in churches and billboards in Pampanga. Heidy started working at an early age and had always relied on herself. As a child she had always wanted to be a fashion designer, drawing, and designing clothes she wanted to wear. It was at the height of the call center industry boom in

her hometown when Heidy became an Assistant Manager and Supervisor. She always won first place in her team in interior decorating and out of more than a hundred competitors she won second place.

With Heidy, appearances can be deceiving. After graduating from both elementary and high school in the US, she went on to pursue college in Mass Communication back in the Philippines.


Exploring the art of tattoos and Piercing is also one of her passions. She had tried tattooing and body art early on and sees her body as a canvas come to life, free to embellish designs on as she pleases. While treading up that path, Heidy’s eclectic love for music manifested. She played the

violin in her younger years which gave way to her love for orchestra and classical music. Apparent in her visuality is her love for various musical genres. She plays basic guitar and used to write poetry in high school. She composed some songs also to beat and likes listening to classical music while she paints. She has a passion for Basketball, was a point guard in her varsity days and plays Table Tennis. But above all of Heidy’s willful trajectories and true joys is her unwavering drive to be fearlessly creative. By adopting a creative mindset and channeling that creativity into other areas of her life, her artworks go beyond the canvas into a life of their own.


For one, Heidy has her own clothing line– ‘Hydz in Colors’ as well as ‘Mask by Hydz’, Face Mask on which images of her paintings are printed on.


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