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Artist Profile

Jowell  Gaela

Jowell Gaela

Jowell is the youngest son of Casiano Doloroso Gaela and Maria Salome Daygo Ibardeloza.

In 1995 he obtained his Associate Degree in Architectural Drafting from Manuel S. Enverga University. After graduation, he decided to be a full-time artist, much to the dismay and disbelief of many, with the arts seen as an unlucrative use of one's time.

He immersed himself in drawing, and painting, a passion he had since childhood. With intense focus he labored to find his own style, listening to the voice of his soul, delighting in his right to be a unique artist who discovers his own rules as his obra evolves.
His creative energy is, likewise, demonstrated in sports and outdoor activities particularly running and biking. 
It was in 2003 when he first went to the United States together with fellow Lucbanin artists, they held series of exhibitions in several cities in the East Coast where their works were appreciated and applauded.
He won Second Place in the 52nd Juried Show launched in October 2005 by the Hudson's Artists of New Jersey, held in Bayonne, New Jersey. The winning piece is a watercolor painting of a heritage house in Lucban.
Ancestral houses and landscapes are his favorite subjects painted either on watercolor or on oil.

In 2013, Jowell made a radical shift in his artistic style as he sought to discover more possibilities.
With a capacity for heightened seeing, he revolutionized the structure of his obra in the abstract piece "Untitled," oil on canvas. Here, Jowell liberated his dynamic colors from representational depiction, allowing the glow of both light and dark to deepen composition and expand imagination.
However, the favorite among Jowell's collectors remains to be his rendition of coconuts with remarkable, eloquent and smooth brush strokes, portraying realistic details. 
Jowell lives in Lucban with his wife ,Arminda Zubieto Abustan and their three children, Artchie Neil, Sam Jared, and Aian Gabrielle.
He is co-founder and current Vice President of Lucban Artists Guild also known as SaLAGsak. 

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