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Artist Profile

Nani Reyes

Nani Reyes

Born on February 27, 1977, Nani Reyes is one of the new wave artists of Angono who is known for introducing his own style of cubism. He rediscovered new styles of cubism and developed works of full characters by using flows and graceful anatomic movements. 

Cubism found its roots in the era of Cesar Legaspi and Vicente Manansala. These artists portrayed social relativism who were self-consciously renouncing traditional art styles they thought became outdated and stale. 

Nani Reyes introduced new styles in his artworks, he exploited the full potential of color in his works, using warm and intense color in his fragmented paintings. 

Nani's works depict his life as a child and the simple life children once had in the past. His works aim to show the youth  on life before the rise of technology. He mostly portrays traditional Filipino games such as luksong Tinik, Sipa, Laban ng Gagamba and much more. 

His religious beliefs also influenced his works in his portrayals of Mother Mary, Sleeping Saint  Joseph, the Prusisyon and other religious figures,. 

Reyes's mother and child works showing family values are popular among his collectors.

Nani is a self-taught artist that took inspiration from the artists he would observe. Through time and practice, he was able to master modern social expressionism that art lovers can relate to. 

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