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Tebs Gomez

Philippines | 3 Artworks


Fragility and strength.
Movement and rigidity.
Beauty and death.

Inspiration can come from anywhere.

A carved skull in a Sydney store sparked the desire and Gomez accepted the challenge.

Gomez creates pieces that reflect her Laguna farm upbringing and her appreciation of beauty in the natural and human world. The raw materials that would have been discarded, are sourced from her father’s pasture-raised herd. 

A self-taught artist, the process of creation for Gomez is equal in value to the finished work. Priming the skulls herself allows her to contemplate on the individual facets of each piece and unfurl the imagined design. Drawing from patterns of Philippine craft, flora and fauna, she lays them out on bone. With drills and bits of disparate origins, Gomez carefully creates her designs using shallow relief, lattice work, and gilding. 

​Her process and pieces result in the tangible documentation of the limits and possibilities of the craft in particular, and life in general.

The transformation of each piece from its original state reflects a journey that reveals fragility in strength, movement within rigidity, and beauty from death.