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drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Allen  Ferrer  Painter

Allen Ferrer

2 Artworks


Allen is a Filipino self-taught artist, a corporate employee with a degree in Psychology, and a leisure hiker. His love and appreciation for culture, nature, and travel, inspire him to create visual arts.

With his works, he conveys awareness. His Katuwang painting is inspired by the mutual relationship between the locals and the wildlife in Cebu. Locals feed the wildlife, while they earn from tourists, but in the long run, tourism caused an imbalance in the ecosystem. 

Ferrer started painting when the country was on lockdown because of the pandemic. With his curiosity from various local cultures and traditions, he started traveling, and with his innate interest in arts, he started painting landscapes, abstract portraits, still life inspired from his earlier travels.

His curious mind leads him to explore different art styles and even started to accept commission works for clients using oil and acrylics as a medium to pursue his passion to learn more in the art world. His emotions and thoughts are expressed through deep textures and colors of mediums applied to his paintings.

To date, he specified his art pieces in abstract expressionism and textured works.