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drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Alpha Larracas  Painter

Alpha Larracas

2 Artworks


An artist sees many, most of the time not as how other people do. Alpha Larracas is not only one to see but also one to capture tenderness of meaning within subjects and artworks. She started with the medium watercolor. She painted still lifes and more often, human figure. It's the hardest subject, therefore, to her it was a challenge; an exploration. Human Figure was really her target, so she didn't look for anything else and worked with this subject with focus, and with the means of delivering positivity. With pleasant faces, awing colors and graceful poses.  Because that's what she wanted to showcase; beauty, goodness and elegance. While exploring with this subject, she came to meet realizations. She thought that adults are always with struggles of different kinds, so she came back to her childhood, knowing that children signifies curiosity and purity. She realized that adults often lose the kid in them, hence, came to her the another subject; Children.

She did not stop working with adult figures, but added a series of children because she felt the need to showcase the art from this subject; the greatness, the goodness in their character and even just how pleasant they are.
She developed a style through this. A style that truly captures the curious geniality of children. Alpha says: "They make me happy, when i do them, there is fulfillment..."