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drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Arnold Estrella Painter

Arnold Estrella

7 Artworks


Arnold Dacles Estrella also known as " Canot" was born on Nov. 5, 1972 - the eldest of the three siblings of Leonardo Ramos Estrella from Manila and Erlinda Daza Dacles of Capiz. Being an artistis not really in his veins nor influenced by any one in his family but he considered it is a gift from God. Curious, determined and tried to discover himself what skill he is more fascinated, he tried drawing / painting. Watching TV animation like Voltes V and others, superheroes drawings from comics and books, he then started sketching at an early age. He developed his passion as an artist to the point that he joined different contest in his elementary and high school years. He was even chosen as the school's artist and won first place on the spot drawing contest of his school.


From then on, inspired by his little achievements, he gave his 100 % effort to develop his skills and passion as an artist. It was hard for him to achieve his dreams due to financial reasons and support for his needs in buying art materials as his family's income was just enough for their daily sustenance. Besides, intimidated by his financial condition, he was hesitant to approach some artists to share or give some advice. What he did, he just patiently studied the drawings, sketches from the books, comics, posters and different artworks from different artists and tried to apply himself.After he graduated from Torres High School in Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila, he applied to work in an animation company (Fil Cartoons) as he cannot enroll in college due to financial reasons. Again, it was hard for him to push through his passion because he was underage and.


As years went by his dream to take up Fine arts in college came through. He enrolled at the University of the East, taking up a Fine Arts major in Advertising with the help of his aunt. It was in college that his skills, talent and know-how as an artist was broadened. He also began his many art competitions like Shell National Student Art Competition of which he was a finalist of his two works, SHADE, Metrobank Painting Competition and more. Also, he was inspired to join group exhibits. Unfortunately, his aunt could no longer support his studies so he was not able to finish his Fine Arts course.


He then started to work for different companies as graphic artist and lay out artist but still continued painting to further improve more of his talent.He was inclined in watercolor as his medium for different portraits and subjects. Besides watercolor, he also used different mediums like Oil paints, acrylic and pastel. He also tried different styles in painting but he loves impressionism. One of his inspirations in painting was Benn Sabio, the brother of his classmate, Edsel Sabio in college. Since then, he was so inspired and dreamed of becoming one of the many successful artists. His love as an artist was not only in painting. He loved music too and played as guitarist in the church. He also studied martial arts.He got married to Flordeliza Villarosa from Tondo in October 2004. He is blessed with a son Michael Angelo, named after one of the famous and great artist " Michaelangelo". At present he is a freelance artist since he resigned from work in 2010. He put up a business of different collectible toys. He joined the toy convention and was fondly called " Don Canuto". He loved collecting rare, vintage and character figures and robot toys as he himself is a collector. He also has a small printing business and his toy collectible store is still going on.


Since 2016, he developed and practiced even more his love for painting. He joined an online group like Let's Paint Group, Guhit Pinas and so on.... In his own little way, he was and is able to share to everyone his talent. Last 2018, he was one of the group's exhibits organized by SM Mall which was " Art for everyone ". This is a yearly exhibit and he is one of them. Dec. 2019 again in a group show, ". A christmas celebration of art " at Buenas Artes Gallery. He organized an art exhibit and artbook launching in the title " Heart for Art '' the gift " beyond heritage for Eurointermedia International at Lucky Chinatown Mall, January 2021. May 2022, with his friend Sam Chua.They created Brushworx ph..a group that aims to support, promote and empower Filipino Artist through Exhibits, Training and Workshop. "Larawan, Kulay at Letra " , the first group art exhibit organized by brushworx ph is a group exhibition of different Filipino Artist and Poets in line with the celebration of Buwan ng Wika at Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo Manila. 


He was the runner up winner at 34th Kulay sa Tubig 2022 , the country's most prestigious watercolor competition. Until now, he still continues painting to enhance more his talents and broaden his skills. The person that his family, relatives and friends that are proud of is no other than Arnold " cannot ' Estrella, a.k.a. " Don Canuto" who said, " Arts is my life".