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drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Juno Galang Painter

Juno Galang

3 Artworks


“Painting is my first love and passion. My art evokes the emotion of the viewers and the true colors of life. It expresses and reveals part of my heart and soul, it is a balance between the beauty of human existence in the style  of abstraction, cubism and distorted impression. "


Juno Galang's choice of colors on canvas predominantly lean towards a warm and vibrant hues of purple, green, yellow, red and blue, which characterizes his true nature. Every brushstroke is a desire to achieve perfection that will reflect the beauty and tenacity of our hard working countrymen and his lifelong journey of seeking continued growth, both as an artist and a family man.


Juno Galang was born in Santa Cruz, Manila in December of 1942. He studied Fine Arts, majoring in Advertising. at the University of Santo Tomas. Naturally inclined towards drawing from an early age, he was rostly self taught and spent most of his teenage years hanging around in Ermita, Malate ( the Greenwich village of Manila) It was there, in the pioneering galleries, where he learned painting techniques from some of the finest master artist of the era.


He immigrated to the United States in the mid sixties and lived in San Francisco. After many years of an adventurous career as a freelance artist / illustrator in the cities of San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Vancouver, he moved and relocated to Honolulu, Hawaii to fulfill his lifelong dream of painting full time. Hawaii's art market proved to be a perfect place for him.After 22 illustrious years as an artist exhibiting his works in galleries all over the United States, he decided to retire and move back to his beloved country.

After setting up his home studio in Paranaque, he veered to painting modern and vibrant combination of colors in the form of cubism and modern Impressionism style as influenced by Van Gogh, Gauguin and Picasso.


At this point in his artistic journey, he pays tribute to street vendors, village fishermen, farmers and front liners - the true heroes of our society.

Juno Galang's works mirrors his life - one that is full of happiness, energy, optimism and hope.