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drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Princess A. Cuntapay  Painter

Princess A. Cuntapay

2 Artworks


Everyone has a distinct viewpoint on the world and their own life. On occasion, we witnessed the harshness and joy of the world, which strengthened us and taught us a valuable lesson. We sometimes have unexpected twists and turns in our lives that we never expected, but they inspire us to discover and realize our life's purpose through art. Princess Jelian A. Cuntapay, is an 18-year-old artist living in Pampanga. Her artworks allowed her to express how she felt about the world. There were many challenges in her life, such as trauma, but she manages to push through and break free from the pain that she was in. She did not stop living her life and inspiring others.

The global pandemic posed numerous mental health challenges, including trauma, societal pressure, and uneasy feelings. Her artistic abilities assisted her in overcoming these life challenges, and she was able to bring joy to others online and think of happy thoughts. She decided to start painting after hearing about the various art styles of the twenty-first century in junior high. She uses vibrant colors to paint on various mediums such as gouache, acrylics, and watercolors. Impressionism and abstract expressionism are two of her favorite art movements because they literately her to do her own art style.