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Other Works By Arthur Tselishchev

Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Arthur  Tselishchev  Painter

Arthur Tselishchev

Arthur Tselishchev is a Ukrainian artist, interior designer, and art trainer  

Tselishchev started drawing at a very young age. Since then, he’s been drawing everywhere and on everything, on napkins at coffee shops, on wallpapers at home, even on asphalt at the backyard of his home. His parents took him with them everywhere they went and he never caused any trouble to them as long as he had pencils and a paper with him.  

At the age of 10, he was accepted to the State Art School. His first few years in the school  saw him draw only simple shapes and figures along with the other pupils. Arthur  inaccurately painted over them and filled the horizon, unlike most of the kids in his class  who drew every single line nicely. Consequently, the teachers were dissatisfied with his  assignments and did not see any potential in him and wanted to kick him out of school. But Arthur's mother believed in him. She has been seeing and recognizing his artistic side  since his childhood. She did not let him leave school. And although there were moments of despair, Arthur's parents never faltered in supporting him. Tselishchev’s first Grand Prix  victory at an international competition in Macedonia was quite a pleasant surprise. Then,  there was another victory in an art contest in Japan. As a result, he graduated from art  school with a First Class Diploma and eventually earned a university degree with honours.  Arthur says, "What matters more is not the diploma or honour, but the journey towards  excellence in art. I am extremely grateful to all my teachers who I’ve met on my life path. I  wanted to prove my capabilities to some, and continued to draw despite the naysayers.  Even when they did not believe that something could work out for me, I drew strength from my potential and the support I received from my parents. I only have nothing but gratitude  to those who believed in me and shared their knowledge, artistry, and inspiration."  

Arthur has worked as international model and fashion photographer in New York,  Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, Manila, Moscow, Kyiv, among others. He  travels extensively and never stops admiring cultures, nature, architecture, and the beauty  of each country he visits. All of these are expressed and capture poignantly in his artworks. He continues to experiment with various art techniques, but his greatest interest falls under academic drawing and painting, human anatomy, oil techniques, urban and figure  sketching as well as digital painting. But the main source of inspiration for Arthur comes  from admiration and love to Asia, asian people and cultures. In his paintings he combines  traditional European academic techniques with portraying of beautiful people of the  Philippines in a contemporary way.  

Arthur has also been working in an architecture and design firms. He has likewise shared  his artistic skills by providing art for various publications and Filipino apparel brands. Arthur has never imagined that he would one day become a teacher, let alone be one in a foreign place such as the Philippines. He conducted workshops for animators and artists where he shared formal university-level lessons in academic drawing, color theories, and character  design. In the Philippines Arthur already had two personal exhibits in Powerplant  Mall,Rockwell and one at A11 Gallery, Henry Hotel. 
As he muses about his passion and craft, Arthur Tselishchev fervently articulates, "I hope  that my love for and work in art help others to express their feelings and emotions through  any artistic form or medium. If you feel the need to create, do not limit yourself with any  boundary." 

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