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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Aubrey  Almiñana  Painter

Aubrey Almiñana

Born on the 4th day of February 1984, Aubrey Tracy C. Almiñana developed her interest in art the moment she made her stickman family. Though at first, her talent was not clear, her passion drove her to explore methods on how to nourish her skills. 
In 2013, she decided to humbly ask for professional advice from senior artists that were willing to take her as an apprentice. Her goal was to learn more and be known as the first visual artist in their family. 
Aubrey’s interest in art was inspired from her hope that she can create and color her own world more vibrantly than the reality. 
She is a hobbyist and spends some of her free time practicing and discovering the majestic world of art. She loves to try different mediums and explore through her mistakes. One of her favorite mediums is oil pastel. In 2018, she decided to try Coffee Art and she is still exploring the greatness of her new-found medium. 
When she is not with her brushes and pastels, she is a supermom of two and a licensed real estate broker & appraiser. She dreams that someday she’ll be able to have her own solo exhibition and will be able to put up her own gallery. 
She believes that every person is an artist of her/his own life. 
“Life is a big blank canvas. We choose our own colors and we paint it our own style. Never fear to try new colors, new art styles and new mediums, because you will never make your greatest masterpiece if you won’t conquer your fear.”