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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Bea  Espiritu  Painter

Bea Espiritu

The flowing and liberated style of artwork that Filipino-Spanish artist Bea Espiritu is known for is the culmination of both an artistic and personal journey. Though she preferred crayons over toys as a child and was awarded in an art competition at a young age, Espiritu’s artistic career was stifled by self-doubt and the fear of judgment. Today her artwork is a blend of the intuitive and abstract-impressionist style that freed her from the obstacles to her creativity. 

 Working in acrylic and mixed-media, Espiritu’s artwork is a personal memoir that exposes and explores her emotions. Through using her creative process as a process of self-exploration, Espiritu creates artwork that provides viewers with a sense of encouragement and understanding. 

Inspired by the style of Joan Miró and Antoni Gaudí, Espiritu uses her intuitive approach to blend color and form into abstract works that evoke emotion. As she continues to expand her artistic practice, Espiritu creates artwork that provides others with the same sense of freedom and inspiration her artistic journey has provided her. 

 Bea Espiritu lives and creates from her home in Makati, Philippines.