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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Dominic Escobar  Painter

Dominic Escobar

"Serene and soulful", are but words to describe the art created by Dominic Escobar of Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur. Born in 1995, he grew up surrounded by the sublime provincial sceneries and ingenious folklife of his hometown. In spite of his modest roots, he managed to obtain a degree in AB Philosophy as a Seminarian. Though he did not pursue the priesthood, he continued his passion for the Arts. 
A self-taught artist, he makes use of both wet and dry media but enjoys creating art using oils with most of his recent works.  His impressionistic brushstrokes and realistic application of colors, produce artworks that aim to send his audience back to 'home'. His skillful execution of images creates a refreshing vibe in harmony with nature.

Dominic states that the glory of the Filipino culture as his favorite theme, still life of "Kusina and Abuhan" (Dirty Kitchen) is his favorite subject to paint. He is also been praised for his stylish portraitures. With his ideals, he ardently develops his own artistic style through studies and continuous research, relating it to the contemporary art world with the aim of further promoting the Filipino culture through his Art.