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Other Works By Donn Cellano

Artist Profile

Donn Cellano

Donn Cellano

Don Cellano is a 32 yrs. old Artist from Pasig City. He’s been interested in doing artwork since he was in elementary school. He tried many different kinds of medium like oil, acrylic, colored pencils, sculpting and tattooing.

 Over the years, through self-study, he began to experiment with colored pencil. His artwork is one of a kind because he draw/paint on Acrylic Glass using Colored Pencil and Acrylic Paint. He officially started being involved in the art scene in May of 2017. He was included in the top 20 finalists of the 1st Tarlac National Painting contest. He also got 2nd place in Manila Bulletin Sketch Fest 2017 and part of the top 20 finalist in Manila Bulletin Sketch Fest 2018. 

He’s been a part of group show like Obra Filipinismo 6 para sa Marawi (Tagpi-Tagping Kulay ng Pagdamay) at Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) in Tagaytay, Non Pareil (Beinte Finale) at Artkai Gallery, Art in the Mall 2017, Art Blast 2018, Art for Everyone 2018 at SM Megamall, South Arts Festival 2018 and OctoMyx at Artkai Gallery,Art Blast 2019, He also participated in Manilart2019. His style of works is 3D Hyperrealism on Acrylic Glass using colored pencil,acrylic and white pen(mixed media).Top of FormBottom of Form

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