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Other Works By Doy Kastilyo

Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Doy  Kastilyo  Painter

Doy Kastilyo

Doy Kastilyo celebrates life’s twists and turns where every color, line, or shape has a meaning and purpose beyond the surface.

Doy's fauvist paintings create bewilderment, yet he insists that there are splashes of methodical madness in his vibrant and intense style heightening emotions.
His Pinoy Fauvism trademark has a characteristic attribute influenced by  everyday Filipino culture and way of life, with bold, wild and dynamic colors used with spontaneous lines  and his own individual expression.

Doy refuses to center his art on his persona, but like many artists, he aspires to make his art known worldwide. He seeks to provoke the audience or simply  to make them think differently.
More than that, he wants his art to create a ripple of inspiration among fellow artists, so that together, they will showcase the beauty of Filipino culture and traditions.

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