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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Duco Ace Painter

Duco Ace

Duco Ace is a Canadian art designer and director whose real name and identity remain unknown.  The artist has been active since the 2020's and is known to be a love-free activist and nonconformist known for emotive and subversive pen-and-ink artwork.  The said pieces, which often contain social commentary, have appeared on prints, skin, and homes.  Duco Ace's work emerged from a collaborative movement involving artists and designers.  The said artist has also cited 3D art, tattoo artists, and modern musicals as sources of inspiration. Duco Ace's original art is highly sought after by investors and collectors, for the owners of the original pieces receive income from the sale of digital prints worldwide. The artist's approach differs from that of some other artists, such as Banksy, who have said "laugh at those who buy the name, appreciate those who feel the art."  Duco Ace truly believes in letting the art speak for itself and has chosen the name Duco Ace as a way to present his work to the world.