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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Elias Pernecita Jr. Painter

Elias Pernecita Jr.

Elias Evardone Pernecita Jr. was born on August 29, 1965, in San Juan City, Philippines. He works as an architect and designer for numerous construction firms and is the Vice President for Program and Development of the UAP Rizal East Chapter. He is also a former municipal planning and development officer for the San Juan Municipal Government. Architect Pernecita is currently active at Ace of Arts Philippines and is serving as a PRO Officer.


He is involved in the restoration of Corregidor's heritage structures, including Cine Corregidor, as well as the rehabilitation of the Bureau of Quarantines' façade. He recently competed in the Commission on Human Rights' Freedom Memorial Design Competition, and his design was included in a coffee table book published by the University of the Philippines Diliman as one of the Top 112 in the competition. The university also presented certificates to the Top 112 finalists at a ceremony held at the National Museum in Manila. Architect Pernecita is primarily an artist who works with permanent colored ink and acrylic paint. His work mainly revolves around abstract and neo-expressionist themes.