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Other Works By Elisa Certeza Rufon

Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Elisa Certeza Rufon  Painter

Elisa Certeza Rufon

Elisa Certeza Rufon, wife of Wilfredo L. Rufon is a plain housewife. Her father's occupation is in the jewelry making business. Through her father’s occupation and expertise, she became aware of how jewelry designs are made. Before her father starts attaching the precious stones to the jewelry, they are first written on a record book to describe the design of the jewelry. It was in 2004 when she had the opportunity to work in Puerto Galera and her passion for art was further enhanced from viewing the beautiful beaches and very natural environment of the island. The scenery and the little things on the beach like dry leaves, colorful rocks, seashells appear to be brilliant jewels in her eyes. From jewelry to the remnants of nature , these all would give life to her Art and inspire her  to share the beauty of nature as the “expensive jewelry” on her canvas. From being a witness of her father’s designing of jewelry to  being a mentor of her own husband’s (Wilfredo Rufon) painting on canvas, Art and Painting has become a part of her own life as a wife as well.

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