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Other Works By Jeff Dahilan

Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Jeff  Dahilan  Painter

Jeff Dahilan

Jeff Dahilan is a multi-award winning self-taught visual artist from Pangil, Laguna. Before pursuing art full time, he worked in the film industry where he subcontracted props, backdrops, and other needs for films or TV shows.

No matter what  Jeff is creating, his works has always been in line with his talent and passion: art. He was also a muralist, designer of signage, icons, and even immersed himself in handicrafts.

He is best known for his art made of triangles, a painstaking process, where each piece is carefully put together to explode into one beautiful piece. His works are inspired by family, bonding, love, and diversity.
Jeff uses abstraction as a novel way to present reality. Creating optical illusions with his work, he challenges viewers to use their imagination to find hidden figures in a mosaic of small, colored triangles. His method invites viewers to participate in his art form and break the barriers of how people experience his works.

He describes his works as: “Most of my paintings are intimate silences. They invite subdued attention and don't impose meaning on what the viewer sees. The combination of divergent forms and techniques makes the work speak for itself. Only those who have discerning eyes see what you see”. He tests the traditional way of viewing art and allows his viewers to give their own interpretations of his creations.

Jeff loves to experiment and challenge the traditional in art as he continues to harness his craft, which makes his art as boundless as his imagination.

Jeff's attention to detail and unique style has garnered him recognition locally and internationally in various exhibitions here and abroad.

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