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Other Works By Jienzyn H. Futol

Artist Profile

Jienzyn H. Futol

Jienzyn H. Futol

Jienzyn is a self-taught artist who had a passion for art since she was a child. She never stopped being creative, from making her own greeting cards for her family, always being part of art activities in school, and joining art competitions. 

Though she dreamt of pursuing arts in college,  she took up a different course. This didn't stop her and she took the challenge to strive harder and still pursue art at her own pace. She started investing in art materials when she was already working. Little by little she explores different new materials such as acrylic paint and oil paints. She would make use of her free time after work to explore painting inspirations, research different techniques, learning the basics of oil and acrylic, and finding her own style.

Cheerful, Lively, Fresh, and Happy are the exact words to describe her art. By using vivid colors, playful color combinations, and expressive brushstrokes, she wanted to give joy and magic in each piece she makes. She wants them to see the bold colors a painting could have not only with still images but also on her portraitures.

To date, she still continues to enhance her skills by researching and exploring,  and practicing as much as she could to gain more experience and improve herself. 

She also dedicates all her paintings to her Mom who has been fighting a very rare condition called Bulbar Palsy for six years now. She commits to support her by selling art and at the same time sending joy to her audience.

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