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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Jimmy  Kwong  Painter

Jimmy Kwong

Jimmy Kwong has been active in the visual arts scene since 1972. His immense talent is evident in his wide range of work, ranging from his well-known harvest series, exotic koi, bamboos to abstraction. The density and blend of colors make his work stand out as well as his play on the mundane and the abstract.

Born in Pangasinan, Jimmy Kwong is the son of Lung Kwong, a Macau chef, and Rosita Kwong, a dressmaker. A FEATI Fine Arts graduate, Jimmy has truly embraced both his talent and passion.

Jimmy has held numerous one-man shows and participated in hundreds of exhibits. His works have reached the homes of various top-notch art collectors. One of his masterpieces, a landscape of Pangasinan, is now in the art collection of Queen Sofia of Spain.

His works filled with energetic colors and an abundance of shapes, add character and originality to real-life subjects. There's no doubt that Jimmy's art is original and unique with his distinct art style. He offers a diverse collection of nature, portraits, landscapes, all created with an abstract twist of lines, shapes, and patterns. His combination of different patterns in his works creates an aspect of optical illusion that creates a visually pleasing experience.
A respected artist, Jimmy has been featured in a dozen art books, like “A Century of Realism in Philippine Art”, “Encyclopedia of Philippine Art”, “Art Collector’s Guidebook”, and “Living with Art”, among others.

To this day, Jimmy continues to pursue his passion and is always on the lookout for conceptualizing subjects and  elevating his craft further.