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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Jorge Fuedan Jr. Painter

Jorge Fuedan Jr.

Jorge Fuedan Jr. is a Filipino visual artist from Novaliches, Quezon City. He was born in Bulusan, Sorsogon, where you can find the Iconic Mt. Bulusan and Bulusan Lake. Art is Jorge’s passion, may be a painting, or any miniature, designs, decors, flower arrangements, photography and much more. Art is a part of his childhood as well as he comes from a family where art is a part of their everyday life. He would create designs for his classmates' projects, decors for numerous occasions, and even a sketch of Arko during Flores de Mayo. Jorge does not get shy to show his talent because it's a God's gift. Jorge is a seaman by profession.


A Master's License Second Officer. He currently works in a Cargo Container Ship. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started and is one of biggest challenges faced yet towards all of us. Worldwide, the local governments have implemented very restrictive measures that had a massive disruptive impact on the planned crew change activities, the seafarer's mobility but also the basic access to any facilities the vessel port is calling. Meantime, one can observe that slowly most of the local port authorities are changing their local quarantine measures. Depending on the port of call, shoreleave can be granted again, which enables to seafarers at sea to step on solid grounds as they used to do prior the pandemic period. Every single one of us has a different way of dealing with the pandemic, mentally and physically. Jorge discovered painting to be a hidden talent of his and uses to overcome the challenges of COVID-19 during his sailing time.


They also needed to be quarantined prior to joining any ports around the world. So he began to use his pencils, brush and pastels again. For Jorge, time passes by very fast when he is creating his artworks. He realized that this hobby can be his additional income. Since then, every time he is on the ship, he has materials for creating his paintings. Jorge d'Sailor paintings shows a Maritime art and a Maritime touch. He uses Acrylic with the combination of Pastel on British Admiralty Paper Chart, one of a kind paper which is used by the seafarers for Navigating the ships around the world. A kind of paper that will last for long time and is coming obsolete slowly from Maritime Sectors due to modern equipments for navigation. His creative artworks shows how a seafarers hand touches our emotions and expressing uniquely a maritime creations. Jorge's Art's goes world-wide as his paintings purchased and bring by his fellow seafarers to their countries like Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and India.


Not to mention a series of paintings sold in the Philippines and commissioned portraits and paintings sold to fellow seafarers while onboard the ship. Jorge says that once he start to touch his paint and brush, it is his creative minds pushes his hands for not so perfect but brilliant results. He was then featured in his Companies "We are Seafront Magazine" (Doehle-Seafront) in Makati, Philippines, entitled articles "Paint-Demic"and Internationally in HOMEPORT PD Magazine in Hamburg, Germany featuring his painting as a cover page and his article entitled "Hidden talents - my other side revealed". His story and Art's catches the eye of everybody's heart.


Jorge Fuedan Jr. was featured in local and international (Hamburg, Germany) magazines. He was also featured in the Manila Times issued Sept 28, 2022.