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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Lito Milan  Painter

Lito Milan

Few individuals are gifted with innate skills to depict the enchanting allure of women and children.  One of them is Lito Milan.


Born from a poor family in Biliran, Leyte, Philippines, Milan is nonetheless blessed with an artistic sprite.   His talents shone early in his first sketches when he was just seven.  Since then, people have closely watched his amazing control of colors while creating subtle images on paper or canvass.


Milan drew so well that many persuaded him to find his niche in painting.  In so doing, he abandoned his dream of becoming a pilot and ventured further in the realm of art.  He studied the art of painting in University of the Philippines but had to dropout for lack of funds.  Even so, his mentors encouraged him to continue painting as they saw great promise in his abilities.


1982 was the year Milan started to join prestigious competitions.  He won a major award from the National Museum for Portrait Entry.  That big boost enabled him to join numerous exhibitions and done one-man show exhibits.  He was commissioned to do murals for Rustan’s and several Starbucks Coffee Shops in the Philippines.


His strokes stand out in sultry renditions of beautiful young nymphs and children frolicking innocently in colorful mixing backgrounds.  Such lovely works have since found their way in stately homes, in the halls of legislators and private enclaves of art collections.