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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - May Ann  Reyes  Painter

May Ann Reyes

May Ann Reyes is an artist from Pampanga, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Psychology, currently working as a Human Resources Manager in one of the preeminent outsourced Software Development in the Philippines. She is a licensed Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), Certified Data Privacy Officer and Sergeant at Philippine Air Force Reserve Command.

She is a self-taught artist who isn't limited to the rules of painting. Art has been with her since childhood, and for her, it's good to recall how it felt to make art as a child. This is the time she does not need to think about the future and when she just enjoys the moment. Most of her paintings are portraits in either brilliant or back and white colors. Her works are inspired by fashion, aesthetic photographs, and contemporary art. She has sold original artworks to several people, including celebrities.

Her passion for art started during childhood when she'd imitate her older siblings doing sketches on notebooks and her mother was always there to support her. She always see her hardworking father doing his job passionately as professional welder; he never fails to astonish May Ann on how he can turn raw materials into a beautiful and polished piece of art using his creative mind, resourcefulness, meticulousness, and putting his heart into whatever he is doing - that is when she discovered her enthusiasm for art. It turns out that she is an observant and curious kid, who loves to draw anywhere, sketch until late nights; draw and write comic stories, make something inventive out of raw materials, turning it into a toy car made of paper or a wood chair she made using her small hands and her dad's heavy hammer.
As an eager, passionate, and young individual, she focused full-time on a Human Resources career after she graduated at the age of 20. And at the age of 23, she started handling a managerial role and continuing to achieve her goals even more up to the present.

Currently, she'd make use of her free time and weekends to conceptualize and master different mediums, such as oil paint, acrylic, and pastel. and just make art. May Ann desires to continually provide a meaningful contribution to the art of today and to connect and touch people with her art.