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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Michael S. Bohol  Painter

Michael S. Bohol

Our young Michael like his Kuya Israel is living a blessed and happy life with autism.  He easily smiles, even cracks funny jokes.  He is sociable and loves sharing random stories.  Although sensitive at times and would retreat to his comfort zone when overwhelmed.  The brothers happily triumph over autism with overflowing support from their parents, cousins, friends and teachers.  A big part of their life is appreciating and creating art.


MJ since his toddler years, has shown great interest in art and since then constantly devotes time for art training and practice.  He has joined a number of group exhibitions around the metro with fellow students of Young Artists’ Studio, an art school for all ages.


In 2013, Michael had his first solo exhibit entitled Laro, Kulay at Buhay, wherein the proceeds of the sale of his pieces was used to fund 20 fiberglass boats that were donated to families whose lives and livelihoods were devastated by super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan.  The identified recipient-fisherfolk families were from the Province of Eastern Samar, particularly, in Divinubo Island and Barangay Gigoso of the Municipality of Giporlos; and in Daram Island of Western Samar.


One can glimpse MJ through his works. His spontaneity, passion and unadulterated strokes.  Each carries his thoughts, emotions and the pureness of his heart.


He is now 18 years old. He attends a SPED class among the Grade 12s at The Raya School.  He has a wide variety of loves and interests - from math, science, cooking, food, fish, dinosaurs, turtles, frogs, butterflies, children's tv shows, outer space, etc.  He is rooting to learn to do animation movies.


He will be attending a SPED class among the Grade 12s at The Raya School for this coming SY 2022-2023.