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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Rene Paras Painter

Rene Paras

The city is not only about 9 to 5 jobs and getting used to the routine
—it is also about the evolution of the mind and the soul of modern man. The contrasting scenes—the life in the economic centers against the hand-to-mouth existence of those living in the slums—brings us to the realization that we need to evaluate our morals, beliefs, and most importantly, our current economic and political systems. The economic growth should benefit all, not only the 1% who are on the top of the economic chain, especially if the wealth is actually the result of the hard work of the working class—the common office workers and employees; the laborers working in assembly lines; and the small entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, the changes are happening both in the metropolis and the country side; and it's now spreading like wildfire.

Meanwhile, Atencia's colorful cities, with cars running on its busy roads and people going in and outside tall buildings are, things to behold and to cherish, for it is the picture of dreams and aspirations of urban dwellers, trying to live peacefully within the chaos of the city life.