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Other Works By Richard "Bogie" Cagayat

Artist Profile

Richard "Bogie" Cagayat

Richard "Bogie" Cagayat

Richard Purio Cagayat also known as “Bogie”. He was born in Paete, Laguna – The Art Capital Of The Philippines on October 30, 1985. He started his career as a painter at the age of14 with the guide of his brother Rovart Cagayat. For the love of art and painting, he experiment with different styles from anime, cartoons, comics to fantasy subject to daily Filipino lifestyle and culture then to his own life experience. 

As an artist, he likes to explore and does not want to confine to one style. That is why he created his “spiral style” inspired from Golden Ratio to have his own signature and opens up a lot of content for him to paint. The white circle with spiral means “Something From Nothing”.

So far, Bogie participated in various group exhibits.

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