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Other Works By Ronnel Guerra Pascua

Artist Profile

Ronnel Guerra Pascua

Ronnel Guerra Pascua

Ronnel Guerra Pascua started doodling and drawing at an early age. His love for painting developed over the years which inspired him to take up Fine Arts at the Far Eastern University. His talents lead him to be scouted by a Japanese animation company that is based here in the Philippines. As an animator, his passion for painting took a backseat as his work took up most of his time, For almost two decades, Despite his job as an animator, his love and passion for painting never left his mind, In 2014, Ronnel finally decided to pursue his dream and started to begin his career as a painter. 

Ronnel's subject matter focuses on children and their life within Philippine society. His works aim to capture the innocence and love of children that we tend to overlook. He portrays children playing on the streets, taking baths near water pumps, and the life of the everyday Filipino. Ronnel likes to see the uniqueness of a moment and transfer that onto the canvas. 

Ronnel is a man of few words, but his works speak volumes. 

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