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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Warlito "Lito" Ballaran Painter

Warlito "Lito" Ballaran

“My style to painting feels the impressionism and realism.  Most of my works are of human interest   influenced by the environment I lived for and people I encounter”. 

Lito Ballaran, was born in San Pablo City, Laguna known as the City of Seven Lakes.  Even during his college days at Philippine Women’s University (PWU), he loves to paint people that he sees along the way.  He has long walked a path that has taken him through creative pursuits of all types. A full time painter, an art teacher and though proficient in many other media, Lito seems to have been born to paint watercolors.  Even during his college days at the Philippine Women’s University (PWU), it was with watercolors that he painted the people that he found fascinating as he went through life.  His watercolor paintings are full of emotions and reveal a very sensitive nature.   


 Lito's pursuit of his art career has taken him to prestigious national and international art exhibitions and competitions. Most notably the 2020 1st SIHAG CEBU WATERCOLOR PAINTING CONTEST, he bagged the 2nd place SILVER KIMSOY award in SM Cebu, Cebu City.


For the past two decades, Lito has actively participated in many exhibitions and group shows both national and international.  Being invited to join international watercolor festivals and exhibitions has inspired Lito to take his watercolor art even further. A member of the PHILIPPINE GUILD WATERCOLORIST (PGW) and has been past official CO- REPRESENTATIVE OF THE INTERNATONAL WATERCOLOR SOCIETY, PHILIPPINES (IWS).


More than two decades of pouring his creative energies out from the canvas of his mind, Lito Ballaran's art reflect the emotions and feelings of the artist as he goes through his life experiences.  As we look at his art, we see an impressive body of work in the unique Ballaran style.


He has been actively promoting the group with the rest of the IWS Philippines team and has represented the group well. Lito is also instrumental for the great reception of the group's art tourism projects.  His passion for art nurtured him to become “The 2017 Outstanding San Pableño under the Culture and Arts category awarded by the City Mayor of San Pablo, Laguna.

His artistic drive has taken him into prestigious national art competitions, most notably the 2011 GSIS Art Competition and the AAP-ECCA Art Competition in 2010 where he distinguished himself amongst a large field of various artists from the Philippines. In the two decades that he has been active, Lito has participated in many exhibitions and group shows. 

He has mastered the use of various media.

The culmination of more than two decades of pouring his creative energies out from the canvas of his mind, Lito Ballaran show his emotions and feelings through his works based on his life experiences in an impressive body of work in his own unique style.

Lito has been exposed to different exhibitions, two solo and other group shows in the country which inspires him more to pursue his endeavor in making watercolor paintings.