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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Wilfredo  Rufon  Painter

Wilfredo Rufon

Wilfredo Legaspi Rufon was born in Marikina but was raised in Antique. His parents separated when was young and that was the start of a difficult childhood where he had to do physical labor to help put food on the table. His siblings had to live separately with different relatives while his mother had to work as a house help in Manila.

Despite his difficult childhood, the provincial setting provided him a good backdrop to hone his natural talent. Despite the lack of support to further pursue his passion for art, his talent was unquestionable and he continued to pursue his passion for art.

Wilfredo finished his high school education in Antique and moved to Manila. He first landed a job in a glass etching company as an apprentice to the artists. There, his interest in art was once again fired up. He also received motivation from his co-workers, most of whom are also still making their way through their respective fields. 

He moved to a few more jobs before he finally relocated to Puerto Galera where he met his wife and eventually started a new life there. His decision to settle in the picturesque Galera was inspired by the realization that it gave him the opportunity to do what he loves and pursue his passion for creating art that makes a difference. 

He is best known for underwater scenery paintings. He creates his art to share the beauty and mystery of the world under the sea. Wilfredo is inspired by the idea that regardless of how many times you have adventured into marine life, the amazement is never diminished. His thick use of paint brings texture to his works and makes the painting come to life as if bringing the world under the sea right in front of its viewers. Rufon uses bright colors amongst a calm blue background to depict marine life that creates a stunning and captivating visual that is unforgettable. 

It is his personal advocacy to be able to contribute to the preservation of natural resources through his works. Rufon will never tire of reminding Filipinos of the natural beauty we have been gifted and that we can show our gratitude by taking care of the natural world around us.