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Artist Profile

drybrush Philippine Art Gallery - Nilo Evangelista  Painter

Nilo Evangelista

Nilo Evangelista: A Resemblance of Enthusiasm and Passion

Equipped with determination, confidence, and courage, Nilo Evangelista, a member of the Iraya Mangyan tribe in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, developed his talents in painting. His masterpieces continue to radiate his hard work, confidence, talent, and passion.

Nilo is 19 years old and a Grade 9 student at Gloders College, Inc. where his talents and potential in painting were first discovered by his mentor, Mr. Wilfredo Rufon, who guided him throughout his journey. His career began to unfold during the career pathways program of the school as he started to draw anime and joined contests related to the arts. His mentors have seen so much potential and audacity towards painting. He also received moral and financial support from his mentor as well as the Kim family where he resides.

Discrimination as well as poverty did not hinder him from dreaming instead he made it as an inspiration to craft more.  In fact, he and his mentor, Mr. Rufon, were featured in a PTV Public Eye program entitled "Si Nilo at ang Maestro" , where he showcased his potential and his family background. Most of his paintings are inspired by nature and everything around him. He also sold seven of his paintings, and the rest can be seen online at Art Show Philippines. His income can now provide for his family and save for his future.

His paintings are not just a work of art but expressions of his dreams and aspirations in life. With the correct mindset and strong faith in the Almighty, he can be an inspiration to other people as well as in his own tribe.

As of now, he is studying and honing  himself as he listens to his mentor to create more masterpieces in the future  to show his talents and become a pride of his tribe and all the local artists.